Sunday, October 08, 2006

Online Promotion

While Party and PokerRoom are both good for promotion in the Uk and Europe offline, due to their massive profile, recent changes have come into play in the US which reduce their impact online.

A Bill has been passed into law which makes gambling online illegal and Party and Poker Room have both stopped taking on US players. While you can still promote them online, you should maybe try some other sites. I usually like to promote 4 sites online.

Some other ones you may want to try include.

Absolute Poker - A great room which offers sign ups $750 free, a great bonus to promote. Click here to join Absolute's Affiliate Program.

Ulitmate Bet - Another market leader and one which has picked up a lot of trade since the ban. Click here to join Ultimate Bet's Affiliate Program.

When promoting online you need to look at other succesful sites, see how they have been set up and what makes them succesful
It;s usually a combination of
1) Good, clean design.
2) A lot of content ( Original)
3) Something to entice you back more then once.

You need to find a niche basically as it's a saturated market. Think outside the box.
One easy way is to start a poker blog. Check out this site for more details.


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