Sunday, February 03, 2013

No Deposit Bonus

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

An Easy Way to Make Money from Home

Hi there, cheers for stopping by POKER AFFILIATES UNITED.
This is meant to be an introduction to the lucrative world of Poker Affiliating for people who are curious and want to make money for little or no outlay.
I have been doing this for a few months now and am already making $1000 at least a month. This goes up every month and is a superb second income. Soon it will be my main income.

If you don't know already a poker affiliate is someone who recruits new players for a poker room such as Party Poker or Poker Room and then receives money from the poker room. You don't even have to know anything about poker or have the remotest interest in it. If you simply have a good idea ( or use some of the ideas I have provided) to advertise a room then use it and watch the money come in.

There are two ways a poker site will pay you for sending them players.
These are usually in the form of a one off payment for evey player you refer ( average $75-$150) or you can receive a percentage of the profit that the poker site makes off the player. Most affiliate programs offer a choice of which way you prefer.

I prefer the second choice, the percentage, or revenue share. This way you get money from each signed up player for life. This can soon overtake the amount you get from a one off payment, or CPA share.

The poker room tracks your customers through a variety of ways, and it all depends how you promote the site.

Online Promotion is when you promote a poker room through your own website. It could either be an exisiting website, or it could be one that you set up especially to promote a poker room. Your customers are tracked through a special code imbedded in the adverts that you place around your site. All the artwork and html is provided by the site and you only have to put it somewhere in your webpage.The banners allow your customers to be affiliated to you and you will then recieve your payment.

Offline Promotion can be done with a few websites. Party and Poker Room both allow for this, as do a few others. I will write about these later. Here you pick your own special codes. For example if you were promoting at a baseball game you could ask customers to use the code 'homerun' to recieve a bonus. That word, when entered by a customer, would mean they would now be tracked to you, and you would recieve any money that they generate for you.

This is a very simple overview of poker affiliating. I will be adding more and more articles over the next few months so please keep checking back. If you sign up as a sub-affiliate with me as well using any links provided on this page I will help you personally as well, giving you advice over email and more hints and tips to get really making money out of online poker, without gambling a penny.

To get started with Poker Affiliate now click on this link

For Party Poker's Affiliate Program click here

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Offline Promotion

If you want to jump straight into the world of Poker Affiliating but don't have the HTML skills to build a great website, or the time to put into writing articles for a website then Offline promotion is the way to go. Some poker sites will allow you to enter a bonus code, which is tracked back to the affiliate, so that when some enters your unique code, for example, 'bonus20' , that player will be automatically tracked back to you.
The best two sites to promote offline are Party Poker and Poker Room. As well as having the benefit of being a big name, who players will recognise and trust, they both have good packages and easy set up off bonus codes.
Once you have these codes then you really need to use your imagination how to promote it.
I have been using many different ways to promote offline. You can print up your own cheap flyers and give them out at sport events. 2-3000 flyers at a sports event can bring in a good 10-20 sign ups which is $1000 at CPA or a good boost to a monthly income at Revenue Share. Not bad for an afternoon or evenings work.
Also stickers are a great ploy, printed with the website address, and the bonus code and then scattered throughout a city.
If you play in poker games at home, or in casinos, a few business cards with your bonus code on can bring in great dividends. Friends or acquaintances will be really pleased for the bonus that you are giving them and sign up, thus bringing in more sign-ups.
The internet is clogged up with websites at the moment, and to make money online will take patience and an original idea.
Offline, however, a really basic idea can start making you money instantly and there may be absolutely no competition in your hometown.
Like I said before though, imagination is the key, and if you can come up with a really good idea to get your codes intot he public domain, thenyou could be quitting your job sooner, rather then later..or at the very worst, bankrolling your poker habit with free money.

I have been working with other affiliates on some great offline strategies so if you sign up as a sub-affiliate of me, using one of these links in the links section then email and tell me you have, I will coach and guide you personally and brainstorm ideas with you.

Signing up as a sub affiliate does not affect the money you receive from the site. You have all control over everything but your referring affiliate gets a bonus on top of what you make. It's to encourage experinced affiliates to help newer affiliates out.
SO sign up with Party Poker and Poker Room today, email me and lets start making you some money!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

10 Offline Promotion Strategies.

Here are ten great ideas to get you started in promoting online poker OFFLINE. You don't need HTML skills and you don't even need to know anything about poker. And if you follow these you will definitely be making money withing the week.

1) Find out who is in charge of advertising above urinals in toilets. There is always a number at the bottom. Phone it and ask how much it is to advertise. Design a great poster with your bonus codes on it for Party/Pokerroom.

2) Get flyers designed around a sports club theme. For example if you live near Manchester United Football Club, get flyers done offering a bonus to United fans with 'Red Army' ( it's one of their nicknames) as the code. Use something that fans will connect with. Translate this to whatever sports team is near you and give flyers out before or after the games with your bonus on.

3) A really cheap way to get started is to buy some Avery sticky labels and a rubber stamp which you can change the message on ( It has lots of letters which you can move around). Something that has room for 4 or 5 lines of text. Then stamp 100s of stickers with your bonus code, stick around the place and wait for the sign ups to come in.

4) Business cards are a great way to advertise your bonus code. Very cheap and people might keep them longer, especially if they look good. There are loads of cheap printers on the net offering deals on business cards. You can give them to anyone who you play a real game with.

5) Advertising on local magazines/papers/fanzines.

6) Advertising cards in shop windows. If you have flyers then put them in shop windows. Good areas include student areas , ans they will always be looking for flats/houses there.

7) Sign up friends as sub-affiliates and get them to help you distribute flyers. It will help them and you will get a little extra cash as well.

8) Door to Door leaflet distribution, especially in Flats/Student areas/ Halls of Residence as you can get more flyers distributed in a shorter space of time.

9) Promoting amongst your friends you play home poker games against. Tell them about the bonus offers and it's like you are doing them a favour.

10) Organise a little Poker tournament in a local bar. Entry is free, and you need a prize like a chip set, or maybe some free drinks in the bar. Maybe a local casino will give you a prize of a free entry into a tournament there. Give all the players vouchers/business cards/flyers with your bonus code on it.

The trick here is to be imaginitive. Any idea to get your bonus code out there shouldn't be discounted, as long as it's legal. The online poker world is a little saturated at present so you need a good idea if you are going to cut it online, so maybe offline is the way to go.

If you are promoting offline then Party Poker is the best as you can create loads of different codes really quicly and check the seperate campaigns out by each code, so you can see which campaigns are working. It is also well known so people will recognise the logo when you give them flyers.
To sign on with Party Affiliates click here.

I have already designed some flyers so if you would like me to send you some flyers then email me and I will send you the jpeg with your bonus code. All you need to do then is take it to a printshop, get some a6 flyers done and start distributing them. You could be making money within the week like this, woth no HTML needed.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Online Promotion

While Party and PokerRoom are both good for promotion in the Uk and Europe offline, due to their massive profile, recent changes have come into play in the US which reduce their impact online.

A Bill has been passed into law which makes gambling online illegal and Party and Poker Room have both stopped taking on US players. While you can still promote them online, you should maybe try some other sites. I usually like to promote 4 sites online.

Some other ones you may want to try include.

Absolute Poker - A great room which offers sign ups $750 free, a great bonus to promote. Click here to join Absolute's Affiliate Program.

Ulitmate Bet - Another market leader and one which has picked up a lot of trade since the ban. Click here to join Ultimate Bet's Affiliate Program.

When promoting online you need to look at other succesful sites, see how they have been set up and what makes them succesful
It;s usually a combination of
1) Good, clean design.
2) A lot of content ( Original)
3) Something to entice you back more then once.

You need to find a niche basically as it's a saturated market. Think outside the box.
One easy way is to start a poker blog. Check out this site for more details.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

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