Saturday, October 14, 2006

Offline Promotion

If you want to jump straight into the world of Poker Affiliating but don't have the HTML skills to build a great website, or the time to put into writing articles for a website then Offline promotion is the way to go. Some poker sites will allow you to enter a bonus code, which is tracked back to the affiliate, so that when some enters your unique code, for example, 'bonus20' , that player will be automatically tracked back to you.
The best two sites to promote offline are Party Poker and Poker Room. As well as having the benefit of being a big name, who players will recognise and trust, they both have good packages and easy set up off bonus codes.
Once you have these codes then you really need to use your imagination how to promote it.
I have been using many different ways to promote offline. You can print up your own cheap flyers and give them out at sport events. 2-3000 flyers at a sports event can bring in a good 10-20 sign ups which is $1000 at CPA or a good boost to a monthly income at Revenue Share. Not bad for an afternoon or evenings work.
Also stickers are a great ploy, printed with the website address, and the bonus code and then scattered throughout a city.
If you play in poker games at home, or in casinos, a few business cards with your bonus code on can bring in great dividends. Friends or acquaintances will be really pleased for the bonus that you are giving them and sign up, thus bringing in more sign-ups.
The internet is clogged up with websites at the moment, and to make money online will take patience and an original idea.
Offline, however, a really basic idea can start making you money instantly and there may be absolutely no competition in your hometown.
Like I said before though, imagination is the key, and if you can come up with a really good idea to get your codes intot he public domain, thenyou could be quitting your job sooner, rather then later..or at the very worst, bankrolling your poker habit with free money.

I have been working with other affiliates on some great offline strategies so if you sign up as a sub-affiliate of me, using one of these links in the links section then email and tell me you have, I will coach and guide you personally and brainstorm ideas with you.

Signing up as a sub affiliate does not affect the money you receive from the site. You have all control over everything but your referring affiliate gets a bonus on top of what you make. It's to encourage experinced affiliates to help newer affiliates out.
SO sign up with Party Poker and Poker Room today, email me and lets start making you some money!!