Wednesday, October 11, 2006

10 Offline Promotion Strategies.

Here are ten great ideas to get you started in promoting online poker OFFLINE. You don't need HTML skills and you don't even need to know anything about poker. And if you follow these you will definitely be making money withing the week.

1) Find out who is in charge of advertising above urinals in toilets. There is always a number at the bottom. Phone it and ask how much it is to advertise. Design a great poster with your bonus codes on it for Party/Pokerroom.

2) Get flyers designed around a sports club theme. For example if you live near Manchester United Football Club, get flyers done offering a bonus to United fans with 'Red Army' ( it's one of their nicknames) as the code. Use something that fans will connect with. Translate this to whatever sports team is near you and give flyers out before or after the games with your bonus on.

3) A really cheap way to get started is to buy some Avery sticky labels and a rubber stamp which you can change the message on ( It has lots of letters which you can move around). Something that has room for 4 or 5 lines of text. Then stamp 100s of stickers with your bonus code, stick around the place and wait for the sign ups to come in.

4) Business cards are a great way to advertise your bonus code. Very cheap and people might keep them longer, especially if they look good. There are loads of cheap printers on the net offering deals on business cards. You can give them to anyone who you play a real game with.

5) Advertising on local magazines/papers/fanzines.

6) Advertising cards in shop windows. If you have flyers then put them in shop windows. Good areas include student areas , ans they will always be looking for flats/houses there.

7) Sign up friends as sub-affiliates and get them to help you distribute flyers. It will help them and you will get a little extra cash as well.

8) Door to Door leaflet distribution, especially in Flats/Student areas/ Halls of Residence as you can get more flyers distributed in a shorter space of time.

9) Promoting amongst your friends you play home poker games against. Tell them about the bonus offers and it's like you are doing them a favour.

10) Organise a little Poker tournament in a local bar. Entry is free, and you need a prize like a chip set, or maybe some free drinks in the bar. Maybe a local casino will give you a prize of a free entry into a tournament there. Give all the players vouchers/business cards/flyers with your bonus code on it.

The trick here is to be imaginitive. Any idea to get your bonus code out there shouldn't be discounted, as long as it's legal. The online poker world is a little saturated at present so you need a good idea if you are going to cut it online, so maybe offline is the way to go.

If you are promoting offline then Party Poker is the best as you can create loads of different codes really quicly and check the seperate campaigns out by each code, so you can see which campaigns are working. It is also well known so people will recognise the logo when you give them flyers.
To sign on with Party Affiliates click here.

I have already designed some flyers so if you would like me to send you some flyers then email me and I will send you the jpeg with your bonus code. All you need to do then is take it to a printshop, get some a6 flyers done and start distributing them. You could be making money within the week like this, woth no HTML needed.


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